Monday, October 5, 2009

And the winner is...

Andy keeps rolling over and kicking Ben in the face. But don't worry, Ben can take care of himself. A little toe biting seems to be the answer.

Isn't the crab blanket they are rolling around on adorable? Thanks Sarah for making TWO of these for the boys.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meeting the Band

My favorite band, Better than Ezra, came to Park City last night. Dave was great to watch the boys so I could go to the concert and have birthday cake with the lead singer, Kevin.

Update: Sorry for not being very descriptive. I'm a little exhausted from the late night at the concert and lack of sleep due to the babelets. My friend Andrea new BTE was my favorite band so she entered a drawing for "Meet and Greet" tickets through a radio station. And luckily she won! It just happened to be Kevin's birthday which made it even more of an event.

I've seen BTE in concert 4 times and this is my second time meeting them. They first time was at Club DV8 about 10 years ago. I bought this tiny baby doll t-shirt that the band signed for me after I sheepishly asked for hugs (I know, stupid 19 year fan). I found the shirt the other night and really wanted to wear to the concert. Unfortunately I couldn't fit it over my big arms. I guess that's what 10 years and twin boys will do to you.

My conversation this time was a slightly cooler than asking for hugs. Kevin showed Andrea and I pictures of his adorable 9 month old twin boys. I guess we have a little more in common a decade later.