Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad Kitty

I put Katie on a diet about 2 years ago. What good has it done though? She gets the recommended diet portion of Iam's weight control. But she always seems to be begging for food and has put on more weight. During the summer I attributed the weight gain to her supplemental diet of birds, mice and the neighbors cat's food. Now that it's winter and she doesn't go out much she has found ways to sneak more food.

I came home late last night to this mess in my kitchen. About a week ago she figured out how to get into the cat food bag. I haven't had time to get a cat proof container so I thought putting the food on the counter behind some cookbooks would keep her out. Nope. Here's Katie impressed with her handy work. I swear that cat is like a dog. Had I not cleaned up her mess I'm sure she would have eaten everything and licked the floor clean before I left for work this morning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Few Highlights From the Trip

Dave and I went on our Hawaiian vacation with our friend's Sharon and Jared. Here's the closest thing I had to a group picture. Sharon and I posing under the huge Banyan tree, with Jared sneaking in behind us.

Here's one with Dave so he doesn't feel left out.

The last time I went to Maui my favorite part of the trip was a whale watching boat ride. So that was definitely on our list of must dos this trip. This time we did a dolphin tour knowing that we would see our fair share of whales too. About 15 minutes after leaving the harbor on our way to see the dolphins, a humpback whale jumped out of the water about 20 yards in front of us. It took everyone by surprise. The captain quickly stopped the boat and turned off the engine. No one could believe how close this whale was to us. They usually don't pay much attention to boats, so it was pretty rare when he started circling our boat and flapping his fins.

Here are a couple of pictures I got just leaning over the boat.

The whole experience was pretty amazing. Just as the whale was leaving he did a full breech right in front of the boat.

We spent a couple days snorkeling and saw some pretty cool stuff. Sea turtles where definitely the highlight.

We drove the road to Hana and saw waterfalls and my favorite beach yet. The picture I posted yesterday was from a black sand beach near Hana.

Body surfing at Big Beach was a lot off fun too. Here's Dave and Jared giving it a try.

We had an awesome time. But I did learn a few things about traveling while pregnant that I wasn't expecting.
  1. Laying out while pregnant wasn't as relaxing as I was hoping it would be. I couldn't find a comfortable position. Dave and I tried digging holes in the sand for me to lay my belly, but it didn't work too well. So I could only tan the the front side of my body.
  2. Even though dolphin/whale tours are a lot of fun at first, about 2 hours into it expect to be sick. Yes I'll admit it. I did yack off the back of the boat. Not my finest moment.
  3. I know it seems obvious that body surfing should be a no-no for pregnant women, but I couldn't resist. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun. I only tried it once and thought better of it as I skidded across the beach on my belly then was repeatedly pummelled by waves because I couldn't manage to stand up. Sorry babies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We're Back

I've taken a bit of a blogging hiatus. I'll try to be a little more consisted from now on. I blame my lack of doing anything interesting on my first trimester which was pretty rough. I was so exhausted that going to work was about all I could handle. But I'm finally getting my energy back.

In celebration of feeling somewhat like myself again, Dave and I headed to Maui for a week. Here's a sneak peak at out our trip. I'll post more pictures and stories later this week.