Sunday, August 28, 2011


We were late for church for two reasons:
1. Andy got into the church bag and found some stale cookies he couldn't wait to eat.
2. Could these boys look any cuter in their lumberjack/hipster outfits? I couldn't resist getting a few pics on the way out.

We were late getting home from church for one less cute reason.
1. My car thought I was a thief. Apparently if the keyless entry battery is dead you can't get the car out of park. So they boys and I hitched a ride home. Andy cried "mommy's car" all the way home, for the next ten minutes, and after his nap.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chalk it up...

I wish I could post some of the hundreds of photos I've taken this summer. But the thought of going through them all stresses me out. Hopefully soon I can show you pictures of our busy Fourth of July celebrations or our trip to Europe (sans kids of course). But for now I'll post two recent pictures. This is a typical afternoon on Poppy Lane... playing in the driveway.

Honestly the main reason I can't seem to get to editing my photos is that I'd don't think they are that great. Dave bought me a DSLR camera for my birthday in February. I've been wanting one forever and thought I'd have a knack for it. Turns out it is so hard. I've read unlimited blogs, dozens of books (including the manual) and have tried different lenses and settings. Has anyone taken a great class? Or do you have any tips?