Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Katie Post

Katie has to be involved with everything I'm doing. Last week I got a pedicure. When I got home I put the spa flip flops on the couch. I looked over and Katie was trying them on. I thought maybe she wanted a pedicure too.

Did I ever tell you how Katie came to live with Dave and I? Well, she belonged to my Great Grandpa Anderson. He got her from the shelter when see was a kitten. He needed company after my Great Grandma past away and Katie was perfect for him. She's very needy and possessive of her people which is kind of annoying for me but was great for my Grandpa. She was always by Grandpa's side.

Two and a half years ago Grandpa moved into a nursing home. They let Katie come with him to the home but after a month it was to hard for Grandpa to take care of himself and Katie. Everyone really wanted Katie to stay in the family because she meant so much to Grandpa. Dave and I were nominated to be Katie's new parents. I drove out to Idaho to see my Grandpa and to pick up Katie. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Grandpa loved Katie so much and had asked for someone to take care of her for him. But when I tried to take her away he was really confused and kept saying "why are you taking my cat?" It broke my heart. Within a week of us taking Katie, Grandpa Anderson passed away. I feel like Katie keeps my Grandpa in my mind and heart.

Here's my Grandma Haws, Grandpa Anderson, Katie and I. Actually at the time her name wasn't Katie. Grandpa named her Chelsey but I don't think he ever called he that. He always called her Kitty. I wasn't a big fan of the name Chelsey for a cat and Kitty isn't really a name. So now she's Katie. I thought it was close enough to Kitty that she wouldn't even notice.


Melinda said...

This post made me teary eyed. I love cats and I love how Katie was your Grandpa's comfort after your grandma passed. I am sure he is so happy she went to a wonderful home. Yeah for cats!!

Kimber Bowen said...

Ashley that is a wonderful post! It brought up so many fun memories of Grandpa Anderson. He was such an amazing man. Katie is the best cat and I am glad she went to you!

Jamie said...

sniff! sniff! What a sweet story. And what a good mother you are to her.

Anonymous said...

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