Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair

I was thinking about submitting a cake to the Sugar Arts Festival in Tulsa which is the largest cake competition in America. I went last year as an onlooker and was totally amazed. I think I need to ease into the competitive side of cake decorating though. I found out the Idaho is having their own Sugar Art Show at the Blackfoot fair this year. Perfect. I can easily get a cake to Idaho and I'll have supporters to go to the fair with me.

I need your help though. I'm not sure what to submit. Should I recreate a cake that I've already made or come up with a new idea altogether?

My Finding Nemo cake would be fun. I can spend more time on the sea life details.

I've always liked this popcorn cake. I'd definitely put more detail on the popcorn bucket.

The trout cake might appeal to the Idaho crowd.

I really want to make an original cake. Not out of a book. So the Dragon and Jungle cake are out.

Let me know what you think the judges and fair folk would be the most impressed with.


Carrie said...

I vote for the popcorn or nemo.

Kimber Bowen said...

Ashley what a great idea! I think that will be fun. I also think that the nemo cake would be great!The kids will love looking at it and I really loved that cake.

Mom said...

My vote is for Nemo with a octopus.

Jamie said...

Geesh! I don't know.

Hmmmmm! I love all of your cakes. But, I was just scolling down and the boucy ball one was pretty creative. Especially since the balls were flying all over the place. I think the popcorn one seems pretty original!!! I wonder if you could do a combination of the 2. Then I loved that flower one that looked like a hat because of the plate you put it on. You could do a red hat lady cake. Remember the judges are probably old ladies. (If I had to guess)
Am I even any help at all? LOL!

Dad said...

I vote for the car, but you wont do that one so my 2nd choice is nemo