Tuesday, September 2, 2008

E.A.T. test

My cake made it to Idaho without any problems. TSA kept making comments about preforming an E.A.T. test on the cake to make sure it could pass through security. I told them, "Go ahead, it's made out of Styrofoam!"

Here it is buckled in the seat next to me.

We went straight from the airport to the Fair to drop of the cake. I was the first one there so I wasn't sure what to expect from the other designers.

Turns out my cake was just too little to compete. The winning cake was beautiful though. There were a lot more details than I put on my little cake. I really wasn't sure what to expect. Next competition I think I will be a lot more prepared and hopefully have more time to make my cake special and BIGGER.


Kimber Bowen said...

Love your dress and your hair!!! That is too funny E.A.T test, some people are pretty witty. My brain just doesn't think that way.

Russ said...

Duh. E.A.T. test. I couldn't figure that out until Kim's comment. Feelin' blonde today!