Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Katie

Katie hasn't been feeling so hot this week. She hasn't eaten anything since Sunday and she just mopes around the house. The moping is an improvement from Tuesday when I don't think she moved all day.

Last night I took her to the vet to see what's up. Poor thing was dehydrated and was running a fever. And her stomach was sore to the touch. They did blood work and it came back normal. So we still don't know what is wrong and she's still not eating. The vet injected her with fluids and pain medication. If she's not eating by tomorrow, I'll take her in for more tests.

Katie did so well at the vet. Everyone was amazed that she would just sit next to me on the bench in the waiting room. She didn't even seem to mind when someone brought a dog in. When it was time to leave I thought I was okay just carrying her out to the car. But as soon as we went outside she started howling. As we got closer to my car she started getting really squirmy. It was dark outside and I was the only in the parking lot. I really needed help but wasn't sure what to do. I tried to unlock the car door with one hand and hold Katie with the other hand. She took that as her opportunity to bolt. I was so scared that she would take off and I'd never see her again.

So sickly Katie was running down the street from one parked car to the next. And I, hugely pregnant, was running after her as fast as I could. I finally caught up to her by a truck half way down the block. As soon as I bent down to pick her up she tried to run again. I was able to grab one hind leg and pull her out from under the truck. We both winced in pain.

When I got back to the car fear struck again. I was in the same situation as before. I still hadn't unlocked the car. This time I managed to open the door before she took off again. Luckily I was able to catch her in the parking lot this time. I put her in the back seat and hurried to shut the door. After collecting my purse and paperwork I was able to sneak into the front.

So we made it home. Katie isn't very happy with me and she's still not eating or drinking. I'm so worried about her. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and we can all laugh about how silly the two of us looked running through some strange neighborhood in the dark of night.


Kimber Bowen said...

I am so sorry she is so sick. I hope she gets better soon. What a silly cat you have. I wonder why see was running away. I hope she gets better soon.

Tom and Annie said...

What a visual you've created! I'm glad she didn't run away, the poor, sick kitty. Hope you didn't pull any muscles yourself!

Debbie Boyle said...

Wow. I would have paid good money to see you waddling at high speeds after Katie :) Is she feeling better yet? You know you can always borrow the cat carrier right?