Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Nursery is Done

I think I can finally say that I'm done with the nursery. My favorite part is the little knitted animals on the white shelves. I blogged about a pattern that I saw on Etsy and my mom asked a women that she works with to make them. They turned out so cute.

The collage of pictures on the wall is a collection of artwork from Etsy, vintage children's books and a couple of illustrations by me. My friend Kristin gave me the rocking chair which I think couldn't be more perfect. On the wall above the dresser I hung alphabet memory cards designed by Charley Harper. The mobile above the cribs is a collection of scrap booking chipboard animals found at Michaels.

I had so much fun searching for different woodland creatures for the boys. I was thrilled when I found cribs sheets to go with the theme. And the silly hedgehog beanbag from Ikea makes me giggle a little.

The only things it's missing are Baby A and Baby B. Katie is going to be heartbroken to find out the nursery wasn't designed for her. She loves to go in there and look around and lay on the soft rug. Luckily I haven't found her in the cribs yet. But she does think that the red changing pad is hers. No harm there I guess.


Russ said...

Great job Ashley. You've put us to shame. We have almost nothing ready and Sarah is getting really anxious about that. We haven't even decided yet where we'll put the little gal.

Brad Jen Parker Max & Bron said...

yay, looks so cute, I'll have to take a peak when i come visit teach you, which should be soon, you available?? But really, so cute good job,

Courtney said...

The room is SO cute..your're so creative! They are very lucky boys :)

Tom and Annie said...

wow. i could never pull something like this off . . . i love it!

Lyndsay said...

Ashley, You are awesome. Bethany just gave me this link to your blog. I've been wanting to contact you but haven't known how. I even tried to find your parents number in Idaho. I would love to talk to you and catch up. Congrats on the twins! I hope all goes well! You'll be a great mom! Email me, then maybe we can exchange numbers.
Lyndsay Hancock

The Cardon's said...

So cute! you are so creative! So do you have names yet? How much longer do you have? I am just so excited for you I can't stand it!