Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back From Mexico

Dave and I went on a cruise to Mexico last week. We tearfully left the babes with my parents and joyfully worked on our tans.

Our good friends Nate and Jordan joined us on our gastronomic adventures. I don't think any of us particularly cared where we went on the cruise, we were just excited for the wonderful food and sunny days. Mission accomplished.

Ben was especially excited to see us. I think he was a little nervous being away from home.

Andy was too busy working on pulling himself up on furniture to notice that we were gone.

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Jen Wade said...

SO FUN!!! I didn't know you guys did that, that is fantastic and that video is hilarious he was loving the new toy ha ha... so cute, I hope you had so much fun, stuff like that is sooo good to do as a couple...