Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Adventures of Ben and Andy: The Case of the Kitchen Gate

Andy: Hey Ben, what do you see in there? I bet there's a lot of fun things or else mom wouldn't lock us out.

Ben: Look there's Katie. Let's see if she can help us get in. Mom always lets her in there, maybe she can show us the secret.

Andy: Good job Ben on opening the gate, but would you get off my legs so I can get through before we get caught.

Ben: Go Andy go!

Andy: Ben you've got to get in here. Katie has lots of food in a bowl we can share. Ooh and there's some stairs we could roll down. I can't believe mom won't let us in here.


AliJ said...

That's probably exactly what they were thinking. So what are you going to do now?!

DeMille said...

Awesome! I can't keep Olivia away from the cat food. She refuses to eat applesauce, but shoves cat food in her mouth by the handfulls!

Tom and Annie said...

Very cute! It seems like i haven't seen you forever! Aah, the days of, "the gate."

Wendi said...

I love this! I think that is what Hollie and Emma think about our gate on the stairs. So much fun.