Tuesday, July 27, 2010


People always say that dealing with the gross things that babies do (i.e. poop, vomit etc.) isn't so bad when they are your own kids. I tend to disagree. Gross is gross. But I guess if they are you own children it is slightly less disgusting.

However, I don't think that any motherly love or natural instincts can ever prepare a parent or any human for what I witnessed today. Please don't read any further if you have queasy stomach.

Let's say that one baby, let's call him baby B, had a bowel movement while in the tub. Gross? Absolutely, but not unheard of. Was the other baby in this tub as repulsed as his mother? Absolutely not. Immediately Baby A's grabby little hands found the mass and put it in his mouth. Gross? Beyond belief. Can anyone say uncontrollable dry heaving? Not from baby A, naturally, but from his mother.


Jen Wade said...

ha ha ha ha, wow YA that is GROSS!!!

Russ said...

Nasty! We have some good stories but that one takes the prize!