Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sharon's Retirement Party

My mother-in-law retired this month after 45 years of working as a laboratory technologist. She is a wonderfully kind person who deserves a party to celebrate her new found freedom and to reflect on her accomplishments.

The invitations to the shin-dig hopefully were reminiscent of the equipment she uses in the lab. They are petri dishes with a little magnifying glass (pretend it's a microscope). I think paisleys look like beautiful germs so why not use them as the theme for the party.

We have family that lives in a new townhome complex and graciously let us use the clubhouse to have the party. I made 120 feet of garland to fill up the space. It was pretty easy to make just a little time consuming. I bought paisley fabric to match the invitations and cut it in to strips. Then I stapled it on matching ribbon.

Each place setting was complete with a balloon tied to a vile of blood. Well actually they are just bubbles made to look like blood. The table runner are Chinese lanterns tied together with the fabric from the garlands.

Everyone wore lab coats. I love that Sharon refused to wear one because she said she didn't have to anymore because she finally retired.

Andy loved the bubbles...

Ben just wanted to play with the doors. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures after the party started. I was busy serving homemade lasagna and frying doughnuts for dessert.

Happy Retirement Sharon!


AliJ said...

I love Ben's reflection in the window! Such cute decorations. You are so talented!

Jen said...

That is absolutely adorable! what a great job, Ashley!

Jen Wade said...

You are so stinken cute and crafty I LOVE it all!!

The Lady Queen said...

looks like an amazing shindig! I love your thoughts on the paisley and your invites - such great ideas!

joss said...

OH wow, it looked so awesome I especially loved the invitations what an amazing and original idea.
how skilled are you.
I wish I was as gifted in the crafting department lol.
well done it looked great. xx

PR said...
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PR said...

Hi, I loved the school bus party decorations. Where can I buy the school bus cut out prop for the pictures?