Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hedgehogs and Hermits

I tried to get some pictures of the boys today. But it ended up being a lot harder than anticipated. I couldn't get either of them to look at me. Or if I had a decent shot of one the other one would cry, yawn or spit up.

So here is the only opened eyed, non fussy picture I was able to get of either of them.

Here is Ben posing with his hedge hog bean bag. Poor kid has been on oxygen for the last couple of weeks and the adhesive to hold on his cannula has been really harsh on his little baby cheeks.

Ben again in his bouncer.

Here's Andy in his matching bouncer. Don't worry Ben, you are not the only one with complexion problems. Andy hit puberty at age 3 weeks and has full blown acne.

Andy with the hedge hog. I know, I know what a silly prop. I have never claimed to be a photographer and my ancient camera doesn't help either.

It's been great to finally have the boys home and healthy. Ben got the approval to take his oxygen off during the day. Being tied to an oxygen tank and a monitor has been exhausting. It's been great for all of us to be able to leave the first floor of our house. I feel like we can finally have a normal life now that we aren't complete hermits.


Courtney said...

your boys are so cute!! I can't wait for our little guys to meet..oh and Behr has full blown baby acne too..I wish I still looked that cute with acne though, see you soon!

Kimber Bowen said...

Ashley, they are adorable. You can tell the boys take after their daddy. Too cute. I can't wait to see them in a couple of weeks.

Sarah said...

I have no idea how you are doing it! You truly are super-woman! I just spent the entire day taking care of Evie (while neglecting Syd and Tara for most of the day) and all I want to do is go back to bed. I'm so glad you are all home and doing well now, though! The boys are adorable! said...

They are so cute! They look like Dave for now. I hope your getting some sleep:)

Tom and Annie said...

Wow, I've had to catch up on the Chandlers! I was so excited to see you Sunday. We'll have to chat when Erika isn't sick (I had to take her home with pink eye!) Your boys are beautiful! I'm glad that they're both home and growing stronger everyday. Did you meet Dr. Henricksen in the NICU? He's my brother.

The Lady Queen said...

I'm so glad Ben is off oxygen! That tape isn't the best stuff for their poor skin is it? I hope you and Dave are doing well too! I miss you! Let me know when you're up for an outing, short or long, with the boys (including Dave) or without. Sometimes a Ladies only Luncheon is just the ticket.