Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Whole Family is Together

Ben made is home on Sunday afternoon from the NICU. Here's our first picture together as a family.

Andy's sleeping on the left with Ben wide eyed on the right.

Ben's first day home was pretty exciting. While in the NICU Ben had problems taking deep breaths while he was sleeping. He hadn't had any problems for a few days so his doctors sent him home with a monitor to measure his oxygen levels and emergency oxygen just in case. Unfortunately he started having problems again so back Ben went to the hospital.
Ben is now home but he is on a small flow of oxygen. He's doing really well but we can't wait until he's not hooked up to tubes and wires.


Kimber Bowen said...

What cute little guys. Benjamin does have beautiful eyes. I love the picture of them on their tummies and you and Dave all together. That is a great photo. Hope all is well.

Brad Jen Parker Max & Bron said...

ooh I'm glad he's home!! I hope he's doing ok... let me know if I can help you :)

Tammy said...

Ashley and Dave they are great looking guys. I wanted to say beautiful but that would be very uncool!! Congratulations, I can wait to see and hold them.
Tammy and Jeff