Thursday, June 26, 2008

Famous Faces

I'm usually the last to stumble across these silly Internet games. So if this has been around for years please don't roll your eyes at me.

This site is pretty funny. You upload your image and it determines which celebrities you look the most like. You can also upload pictures of your kid and see which parent he/she resembles the most.

Here's my results.

Here's Dave's. That's funny, I've always told Dave I think he looks like Topher Grace. I'm not sure who a lot of the other guys are though. I hope people don't think he looks like Bob Saget. Yikes!


Tammy said...

I can't believe Charlize Theron wasn't on your list. I always have thought you look like her.

Kimber Bowen said...

That is too funny! You got some good look alikes on there, but you are prettier than all of them!!! We must look alike too, because every one says I look like Kristen Dunst. I should try it and see which ones I get and if they are similar.

Mom said...

That's a cool site. I tried it last night and one of my lookalikes was Charlize Theron. Since you look a little like me, Tammy is right.

Kimber Bowen said...

Ashley, the other funny thing is that everyone tells Nathan he looks like Topher Grace. I wanted to name Chase, Christopher so I could call him Topher. So we look alike and then our husbands look alike. CRAZY