Thursday, April 17, 2008

MS 150 Bike Ride

It's time to get in shape for this year's MS 150 Bike Ride. This will be my third year riding the 150 mile course in Logan, UT. Well, the first year I rode 150 miles. Last year I wimped out and only rode 120 miles.
This picture was from the second day coming down the 18 mile canyon I barely made it up. The smile is for the photograph only. I had more of a wince on my face at this point.

The second year I had the support of my brother Russ and sister-in-law Sarah. I'm so glad they are riding with me again this year even though I'll slow them down.

This is a great event that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis. I've known a few people who have been unfortunate to have this disease and it's insane how much it can effect their lives. Hopefully by raising money for research this will not be a disease I have to worry about for my children.

I'd like to raise $200 this year and would love any support I can get. I hate to ask for donations through my blog, but I really believe in this cause. You can donate through MS' website on my behalf.


Russ said...

Hey Ash,
I'm excited for the ride this year. Are you up for the century ride on the first day? I think Sarah and I are going to try.
I heard you got the jerseys done. You should post the design (if you are allowed to).

Tammy said...

You look like a hard core rider in your pictures! Do you actually have to ride up the Logan canyon?

Ashley Chandler said...

The canyon we ride up it called BlackFort Smith Cayon, Blacksmith Fork Canyon... or something like that. It's not too steep, but it is a constant incline.

Oh and Russ, I don't know if I'd ever be able to do the century. 75 miles is hard enough for me to finish without crying.

Russ said...

I'm not sure I can do the century either but Sarah really wants to do it and I want the challenge. The Montana ride just about killed me but I was really glad I did it. Are you thinking to do the canyon the second day?

Carrie said...

pretty soon you'll be doing Lotoja. From logan to Jackson. That is Awesome 150 miles-wow! I can barely stay on a bike, it's been so long I think I would tip over.

When i saw you at the mall(was it the mall?) you told me where you were living (I don't want to post the place on a public blog) has it changed?

Melinda said...

I am envious of your biking skills. There is no way I could do this!

Pamelia said...

Good for people to know.