Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pesky Purple Flower

I need your help. I planted sod in our backyard last year and growing through our new grass are these little purple flowers. The roots are little bulbs and the stems are really stretchy when I try to pick them. I have no idea what these are called. I don't know how to get rid of them and can't search for clues since I don't know the name. I did a google search and found this picture. They called them purple bell weeds. I don't think that is an official name. Please let me know if you've seen the pesky little flowers before and know what they are. For a weed they are pretty cute. I guess it could be worse.


Carrie said...

i think they are also called Grape hyacinths. I think they are so cute. We have them too, coming up through our new grass. Did you get your sod at BioGrass? Maybe it is in their seed.

Ashley Chandler said...

Thanks Carrie for the info. Hopefully I can figure out how to keep them out of my grass. I don't mind them in my garden though. We got our grass at Milcreek Gardens.

Christy said...


You don't know me, but I was blog hopping (from Cache Merrill's site) and came across your blog. The "weeds" are in fact flowers, and they are called Grape Hyacinths, though the official name is Muscari. You can google that to get whatever information you need. Anyway, they are a bulb, so if you want to get rid of them, just dig down a few inches, and you'll see the little white bulbs. Be sure to get all of them (they multiply well, so look carefully). You'll know if you didn't get them all this fall, as you'll start to see their foliage again. They send up their grassy leaves in fall to get extra sunlight to multiply. Anyway, if you don't hate them, you can leave them in your lawn--people do that just for the beauty of it. They will eventually form a sea of beautiful blue flowers. Just mow on a higher setting until the leaves die back. But since you probably do want to get rid of them, ask around to see if you know any gardeners--I'm sure they would love to have your bulbs.