Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flower Cake

This little cake is for my boss's birthday. I wanted to make her something sweet and pretty. So I thought flowers would be nice. This is my first attempt at gum paste flowers.


Melinda said...

Very nice! Flowers aren't my specialty. You will have to show me how to use gum paste and I also want to see how your airbrush works!

Jamie said...

That is Adorable! Reminds me of a little top hat off of Mary Poppins! I wish I lived close to you this week. 3 b-days in 5 days. Between cakes and cupcakes for school I am so burnt out I am resorting to store bought items. Sob...Sob... Next year I will have to freeze some before hand so that I can get creative without feeling the heavy load on my shoulders.

Allison said...

Your cakes are gorgeous. What amazing talent!