Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Watch Out Pigeons

This weekend my family and I went shotgun shooting at the lava flows outside of Shelley, Idaho. It's my favorite redneck activity. We don't go to a fancy gun club. We head out to a patch of lava in the middle of a farmer's field and launch our own clay pigeons. It's my favorite place to go shooting. Too bad it's also someones favorite place to drop off their trash.

In this picture you can see the setup. Russ launches a pigeon from the mechanical launcher then shortly after Nate uses a hand launcher to throw another pigeon. This makes it a bit more of a challenge for Dave because there is an element of surprise.

I'm pretty proud of this picture I took of my brother in law Nate. Check out the smoke coming from the chamber.

Here's Dave launching a pigeon using the hand launcher.

My dad not giving those pigeons a chance.

Check me out loading the shotgun. It took me awhile to remember how to do it.


Carrie said...

Look at you! I will now call you Annie Oakley. I love shooting guns, I am pretty good too.

Love the picture with the shell and the smoke, gotta love fast shutter speeds.

Kimber Bowen said...

Ashley love the post! You got some great photos. Wish I could have gone!