Monday, May 12, 2008

Katie's Mother's Day Gift

I had all of Dave's family over for Mother's Day yesterday. It was a nice afternoon with greek food and good company. I was eating at the table outside when Katie decided to bring me a mother's day present. She was running towards me with a snake in her mouth. I screamed and ran onto the stairs and yelled for her to drop it. I didn't know that cats would even hunt for a snake. I think it's time to make her a strictly inside cat. I can't take all of her little "gifts" that she brings me.

Here's Katie wanting her snake back after we took it away from her.

The snake was pretty large. I had no idea that there were snakes like this in my neighborhood. I will have to be more careful when I do yard work.

Dave told me that I need to stop blogging about my cat. He thinks I'm turning into one of those crazy cat ladies. I promise that I'll keep it to a minimum.


AliJ said...

I've never had a cat bring me a snake before. How exciting! (I'm being sarcastic) Katie is quite a hunter.

Kimber Bowen said...

That is pretty creepy. I would have been screaming too! I hate snakes. You defenitely got a hunter on your hands, which surprises me a bit, since she was an indoor cat for so long before you got her. I like that you blog about Katie, so don't stop! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Melinda said...

I am so glad Rory doesn't bring me presents. That would have scared me too! I love reading about Katie on your blog - I don't think you are a crazy cat lady at all! Tell Dave if he would be a little more exciting then you could blog about him ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melinda-

What the heck. Don't you remember when I was your friend back when you didn't even know Ashley! I'll ban your butt. Maybe I would have more time to be interesting if I wasn't working so hard to play drums better than you on Rockband.
-anonymous husband